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Borderwinds' 35th Annual Court of Love

Saturday February 10th, 2018
Grover Beach, California

Good Gentles! The Canton of Borderwinds, in the Barony of Tarnmist, welcomes all to its 36th annual Court of Love!

This year’s theme is “The Travels of Marco Polo”, and our wondrous Lady of Love and Beauty, Lady Ursula Husenheinz, would be extremely happy to see the many different places that remarkable merchant explorer went to represented. There will be a delectable array of dishes that represent Marco Polo’s travels for our feast (stay tuned for more information as to menu on our Facebook Page) and many acontest to participate in!

There will also be the Tourney of Love heavy weapons tournament for those wanting to exercise their martial prowess, and, depending on interest (and a marshal), and the Tournament of the Heart for light weapons.

Lady Ursula requests, as her special contest, that the populace who dresses according to theme, be the persona their garb represents for the evening. Other contests include: Best ode/song/poem to the Lady of Love and Beauty; Best Chocolate Delectable, and Love (or Court of Love) themed artwork.

There will also be an auction and a dayboard (donations cheerfully accepted!).

Event Steward: Jena Whitehart (Zaena Burdick)
Phone: 805-714-8182

Head Cook: Leah of Constantinople (Laura Greenwald)

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site Opens: 10am and Closes: Midnight
Site Fee: 
Day- $5.00 per person
Feast Fee: 
Adult members (ages 14+) $25.00 ($30.00 non-members). There will also be a family cap of $60.00 for 1-2 adults with children (please call in advance).

From the North: Take US101 to Arroyo Grande. Take Five Cities Drive exit and turn left. Proceed to 4th Street, turn right. Turn left on Ramona Ave. Site is on corner of Ramona and 10th.
From the South: Take US101 to Arroyo Grande. Take 4th Street exit and turn left. Turn left on Ramona Ave. Site is on corner of Ramona and 10th St.