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Silver Desert Championship

Saturday August 12th, 2017
Sparks, Nevada

Yearly Tournament to name the Champion of the Province of the Silver Desert.

In standing with the tradition that the Silver Desert Champion is more than just a fighter, in order to be named thus, the champion must participate/ compete in several different Kinds of Tournaments Testing Honor, Chivalry and Prowess both on and off the field. *Note it is not unheard of for the Champion of the Silver Desert to not be a heavy fighter or rapier fighter at all. Have Fun!

Event Steward: August Urbane (August Laine)
Phone: 775-345-5877


Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site Opens: 10am and Closes: 5pm
Site Fee: 
None, Donations Welcome
Take your best route to Sparks, Nevada, and the North McCarran /Pyramid Way intersection.
Head North on Pyramid Way.
Turn Right on Queen’s Way.
Turn Left on 4th Street.
Follow 4th Street to its end.
Park and join the fun.