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Caldarium Fox Wood Long Shoot

Sunday June 19th, 2016
Cloverdale, California
To the Archers and Good People of the Realm, come join the Odd Bodkins for the Forth Annual Fox Wood Longshoot on Sunday, June 19, 2016. This year we will battle mythical beasts Roman-style. There will be archery, period games, feasting and merriment. There will be prizes!
Did you know, that for several years, everybody has been borrowing the Darkwood archery butts for most Kingdom and Principality competitions?  The Odd Bodkins would like to build archery butts that we will make available for use at Kingdom and Principality events. Instead of a site fee, your help with this fundraiser, in the form of a donation to the Caldarium/Odd Bodkins Archery Butt Fund would be greatly appreciated.
We are excited to introduce you all to our new location on the banks of the Russian River in scenic Cloverdale. This site is on a small, private ranch so an RSVP to the autocrat is a must. The site opens at 10:00 AM, and the archery games will commence promptly at 11:00 AM. There will be period board games and other fun activities for those not shooting archery.
Garb: Wear Roman-Style if you can, Can you say TOGA PARTY? C’mon everyone has a bed sheet, right?! If not, regular SCA garb is fine.
Bring: Chair, Feast gear including a cup, Hat & Sunscreen
Archery Tack. New archers welcome, some loaner gear available
Culinary Competition: Food of the Gods! Bring your interpretation of “Food of the Gods”. The populace will determine the winner.
Lunch: “Odd Bodkin’s Style” bring enough for yourself and a little to share.
Dinner Feast Pot Luck:
     Meat graciously provided by our host.
     Potluck contributions by the first initial of your SCA first name:
          A-L Side Dish, M-Q Salad, R-Z Dessert.
     Drinking water provided. 
RSVP to the Autocrat Required
Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site Opens 10 AM and Closes 8 PM
Site Fee: 
Donations graciously requested for the Caldarium/Odd Bodkins Archery Butt Fund (Targets! Not the other kind.)
Make your best way to Highway 101 North.
Follow US-101 N to Citrus Fair Dr in Cloverdale.
Take exit 520 from US-101 N.
Take Asti Rd, Crocker Rd and River Rd to Geysers Rd.
Look for the SCA signs