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Oerthan Summer Coronet & Investiture

Friday July 15th, 2016 to Sunday July 17th, 2016

Greetings unto the magnificent populace that is Oertha!

Please join Their Highnesses this summer as They witness the selection of Their Heirs by chivalrous and honorable combat. Take a step back into the Middle East where good food and good people are sure to be in abundance. Enjoy the sun as it hits your skin and soak in the warmth as it expels the lingering chills of winter. Revel in the luxury and extravagance that is the Middle East. Bring out your banners and lanterns, bring out your elaborate decorations and shiny baubles and whatever makes you feel prosperous beyond imagination.

A&S Contests:
There is a Nifty Nine Derby! Submit nine items for largesse and each entrant will walk away with something! Documentation is a plus.
Their Highnesses’ Whim is to see Oertha shine in Heraldry. This includes heraldry in all art forms whether embroidery, sewing, drawing, display, etc. Make our Principality Shine in the Glory of our Heraldry!
The Autocrat’s Whim is Service to Others. Let’s show everyone how Oertha shines in their service to others by lending a hand, a cup, or a turn at the night's watch.

Food: Let there be feast! There will be a Middle Eastern Feast on Saturday, Tourney night. The cost for feast is $10. Please contact to reserve your feast ticket. Note that there will be a limited amount of feast tickets, so reserve yours sooner rather than later! Registration for Feast closes on July 8th, 2016.

If you are interested in coordinating a fund raiser breakfast and/or lunch on either Saturday or Sunday, please contact Elisheva bint Sitt al-Sirr.

Note: *current fire restriction will apply at time of event*

There is no potable water close to our site so please make sure to bring water with you. The closest potable water will need wheels to be brought back to your camp.

Please be aware that space around the Eric will be reserved for period encampments. Space nearby will be available for modern tents and RVs. There is limited space for RVs. Please contact Crucillius if you wish to have yours on site.

No animals besides service animals will be permitted on site.

Autocrat: Nemonna Vicana

Feast autocrat: Elisheva bint Sitt al-Sirr

Site reservation for period encampments on eric and RV/Mundane tents: Crucillius

Site Information: 
Site Fee: 
Member Adult Registration $15.00, Non-Member Adult Registration $20.00, Child Registration $5.00 for children aged 6-16, Children under 5 free. $45 family cap. *This does not include Tourney night’s feast.*
Feast Fee: 
$10.00. Registration for Feast closes July 8th, 2016

Take the Parks or Glenn Hwy towards Eagle River. Take the exit toward Eagle River Lp/Hiland Rd, Slight left onto Hesterberg Rd.