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Hearts Revel

Saturday February 18th, 2017
Fairbanks, Alaska
Come One, come All to Winter Gates’ festival of the Heart. This year we celebrate the two sides of Medieval Love...The Beautiful and the Bawdy.
This event will be broken into two parts: the first half of the day will be from noon till 5pm and will be focused on the beautiful side of love. Competitions will include best period finger food, best “ode” in a consort’s honor, and best period token of love.
There will be a break for dinner from 5-7pm. The site will be open and you are welcome to bring in or leave and get dinner.
After the break, we will consider the bawdy side of romance. As this will be ribald in manner, parental guidance is requested. Competitions will include best “aphrodisiac” finger food, best “medieval” pick-up lines, and best bawdy token (think pilgrim badges).
Site is discreetly wet.
Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site Opens at Noon and Closes at 11pm
Feast Fee: 
Adult Event Registration: $10, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $5, Children Ages 12 and Under: Free
The best way to site is to get to Danby Rd. either from College Rd or from the Johansen Expressway. Turn off of Danby on to Hampstead Ave (left if coming from College, right if coming from Johansen), follow the curve around, and the community center is located at the intersection of Bainbridge and Hampstead.