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Eskalya Yule (Anchorage AK)

Saturday December 10th, 2016
In Celtic tradition, Yule is the time when the Oak King triumphs over the Holly King. The Holly King represents the death and darkness that has ruled since the onset of Samhain. At Winter Solstice, the Oak King brings the opportunity to be reborn and begin new life. The Yule Season raises one's spirit and brings tidings of comfort and joy as the carol goes... It is a period of reflection. During Samhain, one has recognized the lessons given in past experience and now Yule brings the opportunity to be reborn with new light. The customs created at this time are what are now identified with Christmas. A Yule tree is decorated and the house is adorned with holly, ivy and candles to represent the approaching light. Father Winter, complete with a white beard and red coat trimmed with fur, visits each home bringing gifts. The Yule log, which is made of oak from the previous year is burned into the fire to symbolize the Newborn Sun/Son.
Another version of the Oak/Holly King theme is the ritual hunting and killing of a wren. The wren, little King of the Waning Year, is killed by the Robin Redbreast, King of the Waxing Year. The robin finds the wren hiding in an ivy bush (or as in some parts of Ireland - a holly bush).
Join the Barony of Eskalya as we celebrate this tradition. Bring Your Holly; Your Ivy; Your Candles and Cheer! For the warmth will be found with friends, and family here.
There will be a Baroness' Tea. An Arts and Science-Sponsorship Tourney for both Heavy and Rapier; to honor the Kings of Holly/Oak and The Kings Wren/Robin Redbreast! A Roshambo Gift Exchange! Dancing taught and lead by the wonderful Mistress Anna Neri! Childrens Activities! A Yuletide Photo Opportunity with Mistletoe! And a Served Feast! There is even word of a possible fighting class taught by a VIP!?!
There is a SEPARATE charge for the Feast at this event. We will have the courses posted as soon as they are decided upon. Feast Tickets will be sold for $10 each ages 16 and up. Under 16 eat Free. If you plan to attend, an RSVP is requested. You can make your attendance known to either myself (contact information below); or Our Feastocrat, Lady Ceara der Alcan. We can both be found on Facebook as well, and attendance will be accepted there also.
Site Information:
• Day One of the event will be located at
Anchor Lutheran School
8100 Arctic Blvd.
Anchorage, AK 99518.
Doors will open at Noon; close at 9pm.
• Day Two will be held at
Jewel Lake Parish
3833 Strawberry Rd.
Anchorage, AK 99502.
Doors will open at 2pm and close approximately 6pm.
Site Fee: 
Adult Event Registration: $20, Adult Member Discount Registration: $15, Children (6-16): $7, Family Cap: $40
Feast Fee: 
$10 each ages 16 and up. Under 16 eat Free