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Canton of Borderwinds' 34th Annual Court of Love

Saturday March 5th, 2016
Grover Beach, California
Our Lady of Love and Beauty, Mistress Anne of Whaleshaven, and our Lord Protector, Rogan Volder Sax, invites all good gentles to share their dream and a bit of whimsy at their Disney© themed Court of Love. Join us for a day full of fun with our annual Court of Love Tournament, to be followed by an evening of Mick-Fabulous Feasting and Frivolity.
Parents! Please be aware that this event is rated PG 13.
Contests For the Tournament (so far) are:
Most Chivalrous Behavior
Best Challenge
Most Entertaining Death
Contests For the Feast:
Best Garb Divisions: Wee Folk (3 to 12 yrs); Young Folk (13 to 19 yrs); and Groups ( 20 yrs + )
Most Entertaining Ode/Poem/Song to the Lady of Love and Beauty
Tastiest Subtlety
A Special Prize may be awarded for one person who does their best to stay in the Persona of their chosen character.
<fine print> Please note: While Disney© is the theme, please try to keep your garb pre-20th Century; no obviously modern weapons such as revolvers, blasters or lightsabers, etc. Also note that many Disney characters are "royalty" and their outfits require crowns or coronets. This will be accepted for this event only. Thank you.<end fine print>
We will also be having our annual Auction again- donations cheerfully accepted! The Head Cook requests those with food allergies to please inform us as soon as possible. Additional information may be found on Facebook and at
Head Cook: Lady Veronica de Lugano
Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens at 10 am, closes at 11pm.
Site Fee: 
Site/Day Only: Adults $5.00; children 12 and under free. Site & Feast: Adults $25, non-members $28, Children 3-12 $5. Family Cap (four or more) $60.00. Parents! This event is rated PG 13. Please make checks payable to “SCA, Inc - Barony of Tarnmist”

From the North: Take Hwy 101 south to Arroyo Grande, CA, Take Five Cities Drive exit and turn left. Proceed to 4th Street and turn right. Proceed to Ramona Ave and turn left. Site will be at the corner of Ramona Ave and 10th Street.
From the South: Take Hwy 101 to Grande/Grand Ave exit and turn left. Proceed to 10th Street and turn right. Site is 2 blocks north at the corner of Ramona Ave and 10th Street.