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Arts and Sciences Tournament

Friday June 5th, 2015 to Sunday June 7th, 2015
Milpitas, California

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Until then, there is a Facebook page, if you're interested: West Kingdom's Arts and Sciences Tournament

Autocrat: Francisco de Salamanca

Good people of the West!  It is time for the classrooms of the West to open their doors, time for the Guilds of the West to gather and teach their trades, and for artisans to present their works of art to compete in their journey to claim the Golden Poppy.
The field will be set up in the style of the Towne Faire (intersecting roads instead of a list field).  In order to do that properly, the autocrat staff will need the dimensions of your pavilion if you would like it on one of the roads.  Send pavilion dimensions to Francisco. Please make sure to include the footprint and the additional space needed for ropes. 
If you would like to teach a class, or run a demo please contact the autocrats:  Margaret Graham or Francisco.  Questions regarding the A&S competition can be directed to the Kingdom A&S officer: Aine inghean Tuathail ui Ghallchobhair.
Class descriptions and schedules will be available online at with links on the event page.
A&S Competitions:
Practical Science- Cooking (Suggestion: Finger foods)
Technical Science- Leatherwork (Suggestion: Leather things made to be worn)
Fine Art- Needlework (Suggestion: Figures in battle done in embroidery)
Performance Art- Original Recitation (Suggestion: Songs and Tales about war)
Practical Science- Spring Cleaning (Suggestion: Things used in period spring cleaning)
Technical Science- The Harvest (Suggestion: Things used in period at harvest time)
Fine Art- Summer Accessories (Suggestion: Accessories for hot days in the summer)
Performance Art- Winter Tales (Suggestion: Performances done during winter months)
Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens at noon on Friday and closes at 5pm on Sunday.
Site Fee: 
Site Fee is $15 dollars for adults with membership and youth 13 and up with membership, $20 dollars for adult non-members and youth 13 and up. Youth 12 and under are free. The family cap is $40. Your site fee includes the parking fee for the park.

Take your best route to Highway 680, take the E. Calaveras Boulevard. Exit and head up into the hills. The site will be on the right side of the road a bit after you enter the park.