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Oerthan Summer Coronet & Investiture

Friday July 17th, 2015 to Sunday July 19th, 2015
Palmer, Alaska


The returning light and early spring weather now stretching across Oertha has reminded us that winter is ending and summer is on her way! We therefore invite you to join us at Oerthan Summer Coronet and Investiture, to be held at the France Equestrian Center within the Palmer Fairgrounds on July 17-19, 2015. Come witness the selection and investiture of the heirs of Their Lupine Highnesses, Shawn and Arabella, Prince and Princess of Oertha.

Food Information:

A potluck dinner will be available Saturday night. If you are interested in coordinating this, please contact the event team at or

If your group or guild is interested in hosting a fundraising lunch on Saturday, please contact the event team at or

Arts and Sciences Information:

The Stewards’ Whim is a period camping accessory (table, chair, bench, lantern, etc.). We look forward to seeing what is created!

We look forward to seeing you all this summer!

Clare Prima et Clare Secunda Event Stewards

***So that all are aware, no animals besides service animals will be permitted on site. This is a prohibition of the site's owners and it will therefore be strictly enforced.***

NEW: Please be aware that the location of the event has changed slightly, rather than being in the horse arena, we will be across the way in a large grassy field. This will afford us more space and better parking. We will still have access to the small log cabin for classes and meetings.

Please be aware that space around the list field will be reserved for period encampments. Space nearby will be available for modern tents and RVs.

***Don't forget the Nifty Nine Largess Derby to collect largesse for Their Highnesses!  To enter the Derby bring nine items of a single type (e.g. nine pieces of trim, nine note cards, nine balms, nine sewing kits, etc.) tagged with your name and group. One item from each entry will be entered into a prize pool and the other eight will be provided to Their Highnesses and Their heirs to distribute as largesse.  Everyone who enters will be given a chance to pick an item from the prize pool, and an additional prize will be given to the Derby winner.***  

Merchant Information:

NEW: If you wish to set up a merchant booth, please contact Caitriona, our merchant coordinator, at

Site Fee: 
$15 for individuals over the age of 17, $10 for those 10 to 17, and free for those under 10. Non-member surcharge is $5. The family cap is $50.

Site is located in the Equestrian Arena behind the Agricultural barn. Yellow Gate off of Inner Springer Loop road.