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Baroness's Masked Ball

Saturday December 19th, 2015
Santa Cruz, California
Please join the Baroness of Darkwood at the Baroness's Masked Ball. This year the Baroness invites us into the “Baronial Winter Lodge”, The Baroness invites the populace into the Lodge to celebrating the year.  Come enjoy stories by the fire, games for all ages during the day. Don't forget this is a Masked Ball, so be creative with your mask with a Winter theme, but if you forget don't worry there will be supplies on site. Thought about period dancing? This is the perfect event to try it for the first time or shake off the cobwebs. Classes will be offered though out the day, with the dancing in the evening.
The day will be filled with competitions to show the talents of the Darkwood’s populace:
Slightly Soiled Six: Come one, come all - produce six of an item for largesse for our much loved Baroness. Prizes will be given on originality, usefulness, and coolest.
Bard of the Oak: The Baroness invites you to enter this year's competition. Her Excellency has requested a theme of Winter so the competition will take place in three rounds: 1 – A period piece about Winter, 2 – A Master Work 3 – An original piece in the theme of The Winter Solstice.  If you intend to compete please contact Juan Santiago to let him know you will be entering, or if you have any questions regarding the categories.
Dessert competition:  One of the Baroness’s favorite types of food is Middle Eastern cuisine. So we will be having a Middle Eastern Dessert competition. The Populace will be voting so bring enough for at least 20 people, and please bring recipes/ingredient lists in case of allergies.
Mask competition: It is Winter time so make your best Winter themed mask.
The day will have a sideboard with marvelous foods that the Baroness has requested for the enjoyment of her populace.
Afghani food: Boulani (potato and green onion wrapped in wanton and deep fried) and Chutney, Quaboli Palow (rice with carrots, raisins and meat), Rice Pudding (milk, sugar, rose water), Rice Pudding (saffron, water and rose water - for those who are lactose intolerant), Afghani Bread.
Beef kabobs,
Indian/Pakistani food: Chicken Biriani (Rice with chicken and spices), Pakora (Chickpea flour, potatoe, cauliflower - deep fried)
Rohti (bread), Ghobi Aloo (spiced potatoes and cauliflower), Dum Aloo (stuffed potatoes), Chana Masala ( Chick Peas with Spices)
Drinks provided: Mango Lassi (mango pulp, yogurt, milk), Masala Chai (spiced tea)
Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens 12 p.m. and closes 8 p.m.
Site Fee: 
SCA members $15, $5 non-member surcharge (NMS), ages 6-12 $10, and ages 5 and under free. Family cap is $40. Make checks payable to “SCA - Barony of Darkwood”
Best route to CA-1 N/ CA-17 S.
Keep right to continue on CA-1 N,
Turn right onto River St
Then turn left onto Fern St.
Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Limekiln St, continue onto Coral St. Coral St turns right and becomes Evergreen St.
Harvey West Park will be there.
The Harvey West Club House/Scout house will be near the swimming pool.
Parking is on street or parking lot of the park.