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Purgatorio Coronation (West Kingdom)

Friday August 21st, 2015 to Sunday August 23rd, 2015
Good Peoples of the West, you are cordially invited to visit the wild Marches of the north lands, therein to partake of such diverse events so as to please the courtier, combatant and artificer alike. Such diverse activities shall include:
-- Combat, both Heavy and Rapier. Details of which shall be posted soon on the event’s Facebook page and on our Baronial webpage at:
-- Target Archery competitions
-- Kingdom A&S competitions for Brewing, Glassworks, Calligraphy, and Physical Performance arts.
-- Coronation Court for Their Highnesses stepping up from June Crown.
Site Information: The open field just to the adjacent north of Mad River Community Hospital, 3800 Janes Rd., Arcata CA 95521. This is a rustic site with no electricity or running water so please plan accordingly.  Privies and hand washing stations will be onsite.
Merchant space will be made available, please contact the Autocrat directly for information.
For those arriving on a Friday night, a Spaghetti feed (with gluten-free option) will be run from 5-10 pm for those in need of a quick hot meal. $5/head.

AutocratAylwin MacNeill


Start Time: 
Opens Noon, Friday Aug 21st and closes at Noon Sunday 23rd.
Site Fee: 
$15 for Adult Members and youths age 13 and up, $20 for Adult Non-members and youths age 13 and up; Youth 12 and under are free. Family cap is $40.