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Golden Rivers Anniversary Banquet

Saturday November 29th, 2014 to Sunday November 30th, 2014
Sacramento, California

Hailsa and Welcome to our longhall. Join the Defender and populace as we celebrate the Anniversary of Golden Rivers with a feast in 11th century Scandinavian style. The hall will open at 3 pm with table games such as Hnefatafl, Byzantine Chess, Fox and Geese, and Backgammon for all to enjoy until feasting begins. Feel free to bring your boards and pieces and introduce others to your favorite games.

Arts and Sciences: 
Skaldic Verse (to be performed on site, limit 5 minutes)
Longboat Anything (any item that could be used on a boat, or has the form of a longship, or an item longship motif)
Aertesoppe (spicy pea soup)
Flatbrod (grilled sourdough rye flatbread)
Rokt Fisk (smoked trout)
Nepe Kake (turnip cake)
Färskost med Urtur (Skyr with herbs)
Kornmjölsgröt (Beef and Barley)
Herkkusieni (Mushrooms)
Steke vilt med Tyttebærsaus (Roast Venison with Lingonberry Sauce)
Gronnkal (Braised fennel, green kale and apples)
Hazelnut Shortbread and Plums poached in mead and spices
A list of ingredients for all food served will be available at the event, or by email from the cook before the event.

Autocrat and Head Cook: Mistress Gwendwyn the Silent

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Hall opens at 3 PM. Feast seating begins promptly at 6:00pm. Site closes at 10:00pm.
Site Fee: 
$20/adults, $10/children 5-17, children under 5 free. Reservations may be made on ACCEPS from mid October to November 23, 2014, or paid for in-person, or by mail, from Morwenna of Tintagel $5 Non-member surcharge will be collected at the door.

Please drive through behind the church, we are in the Parish Center.