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Northern Wolf Prize Tournament

Saturday February 21st, 2015 to Sunday February 22nd, 2015
Santa Rosa, California
Please join us for a day of merriment, tournaments, and learning!
There will be two tournaments: the newcomers’ tournament for fighters with less than two years fighting experience and an open prize tournament. 
Newcomers Tournament
The Northern Wolf Tournament is designed to help teach marshaling, field heraldry, how to run a list, and tournament fighting protocol. It is to help new fighters (less than two years fighting experience) to gain experience for the upcoming tournament season. The title of Sable Wolf will be given to honor the victor of the newcomers’ tournament and held until the next tournament.
Lists open at 10am, Armor inspection starts at 10:30am and the Newcomers tournament will begin at 11am.
Prize Tournament
Each entrant must bring a prize (suggestions: promissaries, baked goods, yards of cloth, armor, rattan, jewelery, etc) to enter.  At the end of the tournament the winner will choose three of the prizes to keep.  The second place person will choose two prizes to keep.  All other combatants will choose one prize to keep.  The Shire of Wolfscairn will donate enough prizes to make sure all combatants leave with at least one prize.  The Title of Wolf’s Fang will be given to honor the fighter, with less than two years experience, who finishes highest in the prize tournament lists. The Champion of Wolfscairn will be awarded to honor the fighter who residing within the Shire of Wolfscairn that finishes highest in the prize tournament!
Lists open at 10am, Armor inspection starts at 10:30am and the Prize tournament will begin after the Newcomer tournament has completed.
Northern Wolf Classes
Classes start at noon. Classes will be held in the gazebo area.
List of classes TBA
Northern Wolf's Silent Auction
Will be going on all day long, write down your best bid. Auction ends when tourney is complete.
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Start Time: 
Site Fee: 
$5.00 members, $5 Non-Member Surcharge, under 10 free. The West Kingdom Welcome Committee will cover the NMS.

North on 101 to Santa Rosa, take the Highway 12 exit towards Sebastopol. Take the Stony Point exit, turn right onto Stony Point. The park is on the right (about 4 stop lights). There is a stop light at the entrance to the park, the street name is Finley Park. There is a fire station right across the street to the park entrance.