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Winter's Gate Fools Revel

Saturday April 25th, 2015
Fairbanks, Alaska

 Come one, Come all! Join us as Winter’s Gate revels in the foolishness of Fandoms! No matter what your passion may be we invite you to create a medieval representation of your favorite character or tale! Let your cabin fever break free and your sense of the ridiculous reign! To add even more fun and frivolity to this event, we have invited our friends from Amptgard to join us….or us to join them….either works!

There will be heavy, rapier, and boffer tourneys open to individuals 14 and older.

There will be competitions. First, there will be a competition for the best representation of a fandom in medieval clothing. The second open contest is for the best created food subtlety. The final contest, as this is Fool’s Revel, there will of course be a competition to see who will be our next Baronial fool and hold that title for a year. The contest will be held during feast and will involve dramatic arts….be prepared for anything as the rules will be announced at feast.

There will be a basic heraldry class held by Master Khevron and a simple banner painting activity by Mistress Margery held after the heraldry class. There will also be a kids’ activity of fools/fairy wands open to all children, but those under age 6 should have a parent present.

Feast will be a potluck and will be aimed for 5pm. Please bring a dish that can serve 8 people, and as we have varied allergies in both our groups, please bring a list of the dish’s ingredients to be placed next to the dish on the serving table.

There is no fee for this fun and frivolity, so there can be no excuse for not coming and playing! Please contact the autocrat with any comments, suggestions, or questions.

Autocrat: Mistress Margery Garret


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Site opens at noon and closes at 10pm.
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There is no event fee.