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Eskalyan Samhein

Saturday October 19th, 2013 to Sunday October 20th, 2013
Anchorage, Alaska

Samhein: Medieval Zombie Apocalypse

Autocrat: Gregor and ‘Bella Hawke


Come and join us as we fight off the medieval Zombie Apocalypse! Lots of Ghoulish delights and events throughout the day!

 Heavy and Rapier Tourneys

-In keeping with the theme of Zombies it shall be a One Man (or Woman) Vs All with all being our Zombies!! Our Zombies are restricted to Single sword on their knees. (Should some fighters not be able to do the knees we shall offer alternatives...or they need not be a zombie-we understand)-

 A Ghoulish Delights Contest - creepy, spooky, or just plain scary treats to eat. It can be a sweet treat or a main dish does not matter. Just make it creeptacular!

 An Undead Costume Contest - Dress the part of the undead Medieval People to make the atmosphere more Apocalyptic!

 And Last but not least! A Spooky Scavenger Hunt for the kiddies! Candy at each stop! =)

 Feast as a Potluck, arranged by persona : Viking - meats or main dishes, Western European – side dish (starches, pasta, etc), Moorish/Eastern European - veggies/salad , other - desserts. If undecided, you may bring a dish of your choosing.



Event Schedule: 
Site Opens 10am Starts closing down around 8pm
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Site Fee: 
Members $10.00/Adult 12 and under free - non-member surcharge applies