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Agincourt Archery Shoot

Saturday October 12th, 2013 to Sunday October 13th, 2013
Border Town, Nevada
Agincourt Archery Shoot
Join the Province of the Silver Desert as we once again celebrate the battle of Agincourt with a really fun Archery event. Can you really shoot as well as the average period archer? The dragon and duck will return again this year, can you be the one to slay them? The shoot will start with a pancake breakfast and warm-up shooting at 10 AM; Gate opens 9:30 AM. The competition shooting starts at 11 AM and ends when we are exhausted(4 PM). There will be target, moving targets, distance, hang time, and clout shooting. Total beginners to advanced shooters are welcome. 
Bring your own lunch, drinks, and snacks. There will be bows and arrows you can borrow if you do not have your own.

The site has the following rules:  absolutely NO dogs allowed, Drive 5mph or less to create 0 dust, No holes other than the edge where the sunshades will go.  The gate must remain locked, so just be patient and someone will come to let you in (or arrive between 9:30 and 10 AM for no waiting).

Autocrat: Africa nic Shiomha nic Gill'onfhaidh
Additional event details will be posted as they become available


Site Information: 
Site Fee: 
Donations to offset the costs of breakfast and privies will be gladly accepted, but there is no site fee.

Location is White Lake (dry lake bed). Head north of Reno on Hwy 395 take exit number 83, Border Town, at the north end of White Lake, turn on Village Parkway toward the lake bed (east). Take the dirt road, first right after exiting the freeway (it is almost immediately  after the exit.) Please close the gate behind you and drive slow to keep the dust down.