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Jingles, Make a Joyful Noise

Saturday December 14th, 2013 to Sunday December 15th, 2013
Cupertino, California

Greetings good Gentle folk!!! The Province of Southern Shores most jubilantly invites you to come and make a JOYFUL NOISE to Celebrate this most Festive season of the year with us!! This year's theme will be all about things that make NOISE or cause noises to be made (or drowned out)!!!

We will have a fighter tourney, contests, classes, and a delicious Islamic/Andalusian feast by our own Rebecca bint Cariadoc and we will also hold our traditional Silent Auction to benefit future Province of Southern Shores events. General merry-making & nonsense will abound!! NOT A DRY SITE!

Please visit our main event page for more information on the classes that will be offered.

Available thru Francisco de Salamanca
...please email him at to put in your requests.

Cynthia de Mitham

Head Chef:
Rebecca bint Cariadoc
(our feast taste-test night was DELICIOUS!)

Tourney and Contests:

There will be a Fighter's Tourney (topic To-Be-Determined by Prince Geoffrey), ongoing games and contests. THIS year's theme for the "Best Table Decoration"will also be anything having to do with NOISE!

We will have the Silver-Tongued Devil Contest (topic To-Be-Determined by our current Devil), a live performance by the West Kingdom Choir and any other Bardic-type thing that may just happen.

Event Schedule: 
Classes start at 11am at 45min each, Fighter tourney (TBD) starting 2pm, Games concurrent indoors, Feast starts 5pm, Entertainment at intervals throughout the Feast.
Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens for set-up at 9am, closes at 10pm.
Site Fee: 
$10 Site/$10 Feast for adults; $5 Site/$5 Feast for "kids" (13-17yr), FREE for 12yrs and under. Family cap of $30/adult, $30/kid so total of $60...will also invoke the West Kingdom Welcoming Committee (WKWC) for the Non-Member Surcharge (NMS).


From the 280 in Cupertino, get off on the De Anza Boulevard exit. Head south on N. De Anza Boulevard. Turn right onto McClellan Road. Site will be on the left. 

From the 85, get off on the De Anza Boulevard exit.  Head north on S. De Anza Boulevard.  Turn left onto McClellan Road.  Site will be on the left.