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Normans in Sicily (Anchorage, AK)

Saturday August 17th, 2013 to Sunday August 18th, 2013


With the changing of the season, it has been decreed that a great tournament in the manner of the 12th century Norman Crusaders in Sicily, shall be held to choose new champions. Therefore a call is issued to all warriors to appear and test their heart and stamina and prowess of arms of those who would seek to take their rightful place as Baroness’ Champions.

To celebrate the skill, valour and honour of the unbelted fighter the heavy tournament will consist of 5 weapons challenges. To test prowess of arms in the Arte of Defense there will also be a tournament of 5 weapon styles.

All are invited to bring their consorts, households, and treasures young and old and your banners and pageantry on this epic day of Champions. It is encouraged to wear the dress of 12th century Christendom or of Sicily. Other competitions will be held: Cooking – Italian/Sicilian themed dishes, documentation gets extra points. Bardic – tales of valour, need not be an original piece, to be presented during feast. Best Favour.

Feast is pot luck with Barony furnishing the meat/fowl. Pot luck arranged by persona: Western European – Starches/pasta; Moorish/Eastern European – desserts; Viking – veggies/salads; Other – bread, spreads, cheeses.

Autocrat:  Ciara Bridgit der Alcan

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
10am – 8pm
Site Fee: 
Adults $10, children 4-12 $5, under 3 free. Non-member surcharge applies

Additional details about the event location will be published as they become available.