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West Kingdom Equestrian

Saturday September 15th, 2012

September 15, 2012

Kingdom Fall Equestrium - Kingdom of the West (Lodi, CA)

Come enjoy the pounding hooves, flowing barding, the jingle of tack and the pageantry as gallant riders for the Western Kingdom Equestrian Championship. Come witness the competition to select the new West Kingdom Equestrian Champion even if you are not a rider.  We will have a special "Welcoming Crew" that will introduce you to horses in the SCA. This is the place to make those contacts to learn more about the opportunities available for our horseless friends!  The site is beautiful, with plenty of shade and great entertainment. 

In the early hours of the event, we will be providing archery to hone the skills of those who either want to participate in target archery or mounted archery. There is also planned to be hand thrown weapons as well for those who have an interest in them.  Finally, we have camping space available for those who don't want to ride all day long and them be on the road for hours that evening.  Jon us for some camaraderie and relax before hitting the road.  Use of separate stalls for the evening are $20/night. Please let the autocrat know if you are wanting to camp.

Competition starts at 11:00 a.m. sharp! 

Site Information: Mar Val Stables. 816 Lucas Road, Lodi, CA 95242.

Start time:  9:00 a.m. End time: 8:00 p.m.

Site fee: $10/members, $15/ non-members. Please make checks payable to "SCA, Inc.- Kingdom of the West."

Autocrat: Zaid al-fallah al-hajji

Directions: Take your best route to I-5. Get off on the Rio Vista /Lodi exit and turn into town on W. Highway 12. Turn left on Davis Road. Turn Right on Lucas Road. The site entrance is on the right at 816 Lucas Road. Please look for trailer parking on your left before you reach the main stabling area & arenas!


Structure for the Equestrian Championship

1: Introductions and pageantry
Instead of having introductions as part of the "pattern" round, introductions will be made before riding begins in a Pas D'Arms style. Competitors will introduce themselves and their horses. Pageantry will also be judged at this time.
2: Timed elements competition
This is your chance to show off where you shine. Instead of having riders choose set patterns this will be more a free style with required elements. This allows a rider to show off what they do best and also shows that they can build off a given idea and make it their own.
Time limit is 2 minutes. You do not need to use all of this if you do not wish, but you will be cut off if you go over.
All entrants are required to add a gait change and a back-up to their chosen pattern set. Entrants will pick one set of the following elements to base their riding on. (pictures to come within the next week)
Set A:
1. Figure 8
2. Side pass in both directions
Set B:
1. Serpentine (3 direction change minimum)
2. circle
Set C:
1.Hour glass
2. turn on hindquarters
Pattern elements must be ridden in the order given. For example, if set A is chosen, the figure 8 must be ridden before the sidepass is attempted. These elements do not have to be back-to-back, only in the order given. Gait changes and back-ups may be incuded at any time. Feel free to add things to this to make it something that shows off you and your horse to your best abilities.
3: Challenge Course:
This challenge course will resemble the previous challenge courses. So be prepaired for bridges, blind passes, gates, loud scary moving objects, jumps, zig zags, carry challenges, quintain, pig sticking, at-speed shield sticking, heads, etc. Standard challenge course rules apply: stations may be attempted twice, but cannot be attempted back-to-back.
The top 4 competitors will advance to final. Finals will be a head-to-head run at rings and then javelin for speed and time. The top rider from this will be chosen as this years champion.